Selling my Vintage CASIO G-Shock DW-5200c from 1984 


So let's kick off with the condition with the crystal first... this is all original and there's no denying it has scratches, and I've really tried to capture them all with bright lighting. If you had time and plenty of elbow power, you could get the crystal in a nicer condition, but I've decided to keep it original so you can see the life it has lived. 

You can still read the display well, and in some shots you can see the marks are less obvious. 

There is no cracks, or bubbles which is the good side. It looks worse than what I've photoed, and for a collector like myself it didn't trouble me. I really want to be as honest as possible so you have no shocks later. 


The bezel and strap have been replaced as the original has long past its sell by date. The bezel is from the known Brazilian factory who are known for making these vintage G-Shock bezels, and the strap is CASIO just to add. 

The keeper isn't from CASIO, but these are easily bought if needed. 


The module is the early 240 which is the same used in the DW-5000c back in 1983

Everything is fully working including the alarm, and the pushers are all working freely. 

Strong backlight as seen in the last photo


I've replaced the battery today with a RENATA CR2320 and siliconed the gasket as the gasket was not long ago replaced, but I always like to make sure my watches are sold with new batteries where possible. I'm very thorougher when working on watches, and always use finger clots to prevent oils from my fingers getting inside the module. I've taken a photo to show the condition inside, and all the protective rubbers are in place (battery surround and main cover which isn't in shot) 



Time AM/PM or 24hrs 




Daily Alarm 



Please use the photos as part of the condition and description 


If you have any further questions please fire away and I'll be happy to answer. 


Thanks for passing

Vintage CASIO G-Shock DW-5200c 'Hero' 1984

SKU: Hero DW-5200c